TRF Retail,
a “Dr. House” for retailers

As the doctor relentlessly seeks the truth behind the symptoms, TRF Retail searches for the truth behind the data to provide you with clear and actionable insights in two clicks

TRF Retail has acquired one of the leading French warehouse replenishment companies, Adexio. Click here for more information.

TRF Retail is a native A.I. highly scalable SaaS software

Operational Excellence

We help retailers improve their operations by providing them with real-time insights and recommendations thanks to our Predictive and Prescriptive A.I model driven by financial potential benefits.

Integrated Supply Chain

We help retailers optimize their supply chains by optimizing ordering, transportation, and control tower in only one place and one equation.

Assortment Optimization

We help retailers optimize their assortments by ensuring that they are carrying the right products in the right place.

These benefits underscore how TRF Retail can drive transformative growth and success for our clients in the retail industry.

  • Actionable Insights

    Actionable insights, empowering informed decision-making and targeted strategies.
  • Optimized Performance

    Boost sales, margins, and operational efficiency with tailored solutions.
  • Streamlined Operations

    Automate processes, uncover improvement opportunities, and optimize supply chains for seamless, efficient operations.

The Retailer AI's 360° suite
- Our modules -


Mobile APP

ToDo Missions
KPI's follow-up
Shipping from store

Operational Excellence

AI for Retailers
Predictive & prescriptive

Price & Margins
Assortment & Detention



Promotion efficiency
Forecast Promo


Pricing Suggestion
Margin analysis

Supplier Negotiation

Automatic assessment
Top To Top
Automatic alerts

Assortment and Category Management

Category Behaviors
Automated Assessment
Detention follow-up
Assortment builder



Machine Learning


Machine learning
Order management


Machine learning
Transport optimization


Booking Delivery platform



KPI Cockpit

SupplyChain's control tower

Supplier’s OTIF

Profit & Loss


Business Performance Review

TRF Retail aims to help clients meet their barely addressed needs by…

...collecting and analyzing their data through an AI prism and transforming it
Into concrete actions.

TRF RETAIL SaaS Platform, an up-to-date efficient architecture



  • ERP
  • CRM
  • POS


  • Flat files
  • Text
  • Excel
  • XML
  • ...


Collect data from client databases





Harmonize collected data




Data Lake

Data Ware

Data Mart


Machine Learning

Transformers & Models


Process data and train ML(1) models to identify trends and predict consumer behavior


Automatic Reporting (PPTx, XLS, ...)

Desk Web APP
Mobile APP


Conversational agent


Output processed data onto dashboards & WEB APP

Operational Excellence

Our very first AI module, encompassing over 10 years of development and training models.

It’s your recommendation platform, surpassing the presentation of multiple KPIs for decision-making.

It guides decision-making and offers actionable steps for success.

It assesses the profitability of each action.

It automatically prioritizes the most profitable ones by breaking them down into three types of potential financial gains.

It seamlessly integrates with all ERPs and B.I. systems: SAP – ORACLE – Microsoft – JDA – Home Made…

Gains Cashflow

7 233 344€

Gains Revenue

429 780€

Gains Margin

41 256€

An AI-driven virutal coach !

A 24/7 coach for your store and central teams

A coach who provides specific and actionable recommendations to help improve your store performance

Mister QPersonnal coach

Hello Vincent, I’m Mister Q.
I’m your Operational Excellence assistant.
How may I help you today?
What’s the most problematic product category in my store this week?
I see that the Beverage category in the London - Covent Garden store has the best opportunity.
The availability rate is 96.5%, this is good, but could be better!
Ok, let’s work on this today, what exactly is the problem?
My internal recommendation system has identified 13 high-turnover products that are selling abnormally low compared to other stores
Please check the availability on the shelf as theoretical stock is positive. If the stock is wrong, please correct the inventory.

A coach who identifies the root causes of underperformance for you

An integrated Supply Chain within a unique A.I


Forecast & Replenishment :
- Auto Replenishment Session Review
- Scheduler and target planning

Excellence Operational + TRF App Mobile: “ToDo” missions.


Excellence Operational + TRF App
- OOS alerts, Facing modification, Inventory check

Order Screens for stores :
- Manual, OTB (seasonal stock
- Extra Order (commercial dynamics &
customer order)

Booking Platform (

- Planning & discrepancies tool for


At store teams level :
- TRF app mobile with key information at SKU level
- with Good Receiving planning

At HQ - Supply and/or Commercial teams level :

- Global Control Tower DashBoard
- Out Of Stock rate
- Stock rotation
- CO2 footprint
- Vendor performance : OTIF - Penalties - Dispute

Revolutionizing Efficiency with Q.Suite.AI


Stock reduction

≈ 98%





Time saved

With Q.Suite.AI, we introduce a groundbreaking concept that transforms the way you manage your operations. Our disruptive approach centers around leveraging advanced analytics to streamline your processes, resulting in increased efficiency and substantial cost savings.


How We Do It:

Imagine a world where your sales forecasts, logistical limitations, and delivery intricacies are seamlessly integrated into a cohesive plan. This plan not only outlines orders but also optimizes the transportation process. No more juggling between different platforms – we offer a comprehensive solution based on our A.I

Tangible Savings:

Our clients are set to experience remarkable savings. With Q.Suite.AI, efficiency is not just a promise; it’s a guarantee. By automating the planning process and maximizing resources, your financial gains will speak for themselves.

Strategic Optimization:

Our « smart » leverage empowers optimization focused on real-world issues, guided by your supply and logistics teams. Metrics that matter, such as Out-of-Stock rates, Service Quality, On-Time-In-Full delivery performance, packaging costs, and even carbon footprint reduction, are all strategically addressed.



Direct Delivery

X-Dock enhances your collaboration with your suppliers


Time saved for the workforce


Improving On-Time-In-Full Accuracy

Receiving Goods Schedule

The platform allows for simplified appointment booking for your suppliers. It improves the productivity of your teams and our machine learning models optimize the resources and capabilities of your teams. In two clicks, your teams can visualize unscheduled orders and upcoming delivery schedules.

Goods Receving Discrepancies Management

The platform automatically reconciles the ordered quantities and the received quantities to detect any potential disputes. Teams can also easily declare any reception disputes and save precious time exchanging with suppliers.

Assortment & Category Management

+1% turnover

Product Detention Improvement


Time saved for the workforce

Customer-Centric Assortments

Craft assortments that mirror customer preferences and trends, ensuring your product offerings align with demand.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage advanced analytics to uncover valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to fine-tune your assortments for optimal results.

Sales and Margin Optimization

Maximize your profitability by curating assortments that strike the perfect balance between sales volume and margin expansion.

Dynamic Assortment Planning

Adapt your assortments in real-time thanks to our Excellence Operational Module, to respond to changing market dynamics and customer preferences.

Customer-Centric Assortments

Elevate your category management strategies with precise insights and METHODOLOGY, ensuring your offerings align with market trends and customer needs.

Retail Business

Franchised or integrated, Centralized or decentralized

Specialized Retail

TRF is tailored to every sector of activity:
• Materials
• Furnitures
• Electronics
• Pharmacy
• Beauty & cosmetics
• Fast fashion …

Cash & Carry

and BtoB

Collaboration Retailers / Suppliers

• Data sharing
• Out of stocks
• Demand planning
• Product Management
• Category Managment
• Preparation to negotiation
• Collaborative workflow

Some customers who have chosen our Retail AI platform are taking action on their data instead of just looking at it.

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TRF Retail is a France-based SaaS software platform, the result of collaboration among retail professionals who have accumulated over 100 years of retail knowledge in diverse international environments.

Privately owned by its three founders, TRF Retail has been profitable since its inception in 2010.

TRF Retail serves international clients in more than 15 countries, with a local presence in Europe, Asia & the Middle East, and Latin America, reinforcing its global implementation.

A Reliable and Innovative Company:
TRF Retail brings together AI models, data science, and business knowledge to provide you with the tools to enhance your performance. The company maintains a solid financial foundation and invests a substantial portion of its profits in research and development to stay ahead.

TRF Retail: A Unique All-in-One Software for Retailers Only
We combine retail expertise and mathematical research to deliver optimal outcomes. Our SaaS subscription is customized to suit all types of retail companies.

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