TRF: the SaaS application
for retailers and manufacturers

Our D.N.A.

  • Measure, Identify, Value and Resolve

    Our mathematical models:

    • analyse your EAN/ Store Data
    • identify profits to make and determine actions to perform accordingly 
    • value potential financial gains
    • prioritise profitable actions
    • follow-up recommendations
  • Turn the business know-how into assets
    • TRF popularizes your company's best practices
    • Integration of your business methods in TRF
    • Industrialisation of your business methods


  • Retail is detail
    • The best customer offer at an optimised cost
    • Develop your customer loyaulty
    • Increase your revenue
  • SaaS mode
    • TRF Retail is a subscription-based, centrally hosted software
  • Get a business answer in two clicks
    • Simplicity, ergonomy and pragmatism are key to success
  • Winner of the French Innovation Trophy, CIIF certified, labelled BPI France, French Tech
    • Innovation is key, our talent unlocks it!
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
    • Predictive : Anticipate to better manage...
    • Prescriptive : Our plateform crunches your data.Our mathematical models calcultate a performance index in order to offer you the best profitable recommendations. Contrary to B.I. tools, you understand where the problems are and prioritise actions
  • Mathematics Lab
    • Partnership with Ecole des MINES' Mathematics Department
  • Managers save time
    • By giving profitable recommendations to perform, your team focus on effective actions 
    • Thanks to TRF, your partners are action-oriented


A new BI era: TRF Retail
Turn your data into valuable actions!

Byte Man

It starts where it all begun..

Data Man

He can reshape his brain to gather more data

KPI Speedster

Mid-human, mid IT: he's a software that produces KPI roller coasters

Pie Maker

Thanks to SaaS solutions, he can make KPI charts beautifully interesting

TRF Retail Superhero

Go from zero to hero!
> brain box: identify real opportunities in a short time
> money spinner: reap profits
> decision maker: prioritise profitable actions

TRF Retail : How it works

DATA Collection


Analysis of opportunities


Execution of actions


Outcome monitoring


Some of our clients

Winner of the French Innovation Trophy

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