Our clients

City Mart, main retailer in Myanmar (Burma), has four different retail outlets (hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies).

The group chose TRF to improve its commercial offer and correct all problems linked to the non-quality of execution. 

The results obtained were estimated at 3% of its revenue. It enables City Mart to be a profitable company while keeping a good capacity to invest.

Besides improving profitability, TRF is a tool that capitalizes on knowledge, essential in a country undergoing transformation.

TRF allows as well City Mart to share its data with suppliers in order to build sustainable relashionships in a concret collaboration project. 



The TRF Retail solution is the app we need to adapt our assortment,  have a good product display, ajust stocks according to the demand, reduce out-of stocks and identify data errors in our stores despite all the efforts made(...).


The Label Vie group is Carrefour's exclusive franchised outlet in Marroco. With 5 hypermarkets, 44 supermarkets and 9 Cash & Carry, Label Vie is the number 2 retailer in the country. 

Label Vie went for TRF in order to improve the economic performance of its stores and optimise its commercial offer. The management complexity of a multi-format group in a large and melting pot country reaffirmed the need of an effecient management tool. 

Thanks to adapted automatic recommendations with quick results and a tailored priorisation by gains clearly understood by users, TRF has become a stratefic tool for Label Vie, as the answer to a contunious performance improvement.


Subsidiary of the l'Oréal group, the Body Shop distributes its products in 2500 shops around the world.  Since September 30th, 2011, The Body Shop runs a TRF Retail pilot in indonesia, the aim of which is to improve assortment, reduce stocks and avoid out-of-stocks to increase profitability.


The French group Triskalia is an important farm cooperative located in Britany, whose mission is to ensure the profitability of farms.

Hortalis, the group's specialised store dedicated to professionals (marketgarderners, horticlturists, green spaces, cities...) has no more than 50 retail outlets in the region.

 TRF was choosen in order to reduce stocks as much as possible. Indeed, for 10 years, despite reduction operations, the stock levels were considered too high by the company's head office. 

TRF's good results convinced Triskalia to implement the software in its other 120 garden shops.

In both chains, Triskalia  noticed a stock reduction, an improved revenue as well as a better customer sastifaction.

Innovative, Triskalia offers to share both its data and TRF interface with suppliers inherent in the idea of a future collaboration, aimed to increasing the revenue.