Our clients

Carrefour Brasil

This is the first food retailer in Brazil with 113 hypermarkets, 112 Cash & Carry (Atacadao), 42 supermarkets et 21 convenience stores. Its challenge is to keep a steady growth in an emerging country facing up the apparition of a middle class. TRF gives to the business and operational teams all the support they need to better control the stock in store as well as finding the best commercial offer.



Carrefour represents a major actor in the retail sector with a diverse important commercial presencewith 1,101 stores (59 hypermarkets, 441 supermarkets, 583 convenience stores et 18 Cash & Carry stores). Since 2013, there is an increase in its market shares. Moreover, Carrefour Italy is often put under the spotlight by suppliers and firms for its numerous innovations (Carrefour Gourmet, Attraction) and its out of the box marketing campaigns. TRF supports the business marketing department to help them  optimise their offer in every way possible. We are also in charge of assisting buyers during the supplier negotiation by carrying out strategic analysis on the negotiation points. Finally, we help provide a continuous operation improvement with out of stock and overstock reduction.


Carrefour Belgium

With more than 50 hypermarkets, 436 supermarkets and 235 convenience stores, Carrefour is in the Top 3 of Belgium retailers. The overstock redution and the assortment optimization are essential to the company and TRF Retail was the answer to these needs. Today, buyers, CatMan and operation supervisors are the main TRF users.




.The family SCHIEVER group holds two franchises of the AUCHAN retail group: • Food retail chains under the names ATAC & AUCHAN (121 super & 7 hyper) • DIY stores with the WELDOM brand (35 shops). SCHIEVER, known for its precise and pragmatic overview of the retail sector, is constantly seeking opportunities to improve its performance. TRF is part of a demonstration project whose aim is to: • increase turnover; • increase margin ; • reduce stock value ; • reduce losses. Concrete & significative results have been observed between the non-equiped shop and the retail stores equiped with the TRF Retail app on the following criteria: • turnover growth over 3 months ; • Margin development over 3 months ; • Development of cost inventory over 3 months. Schiever : another vision of the retail sector.



Louis Delhaize group records a 11 billion-euro turnover and employs 50 000 people in its Match, Smatch & Cora retail chains. Within 4 months, TRFRetail has been implemented in the Match & Smatch supermarkets to have a complete product range as well as improving  stock management to reduce inventory, out-of-stocks and markdowns in order to better meet customer's needs.  All the assets of TRF Retail for the Louis Delhaize group have been underlined in a LSA article published on November 10th, 2012.


With 817 food retail stores (62 hypermarkets, 238 supermarkets, 517 convenience stores) and 286 specialised shops, Mercator is the leader in the Balkan region.  Always at the leading edge of technology use, Mercator has choosen TRF to implement an SaaS solution to control, manage and improve its performance in terms of operations and business offers inside stores . TRF's collaborative approach enables decision makings and significative gains.


City Mart, main retailer in Myanmar (Burma), has four different retail outlets (hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies).

The group chose TRF to improve its commercial offer and correct all problems linked to the non-quality of execution. 

The results obtained were estimated at 3% of its revenue. It enables City Mart to be a profitable company while keeping a good capacity to invest.

Besides improving profitability, TRF is a tool that capitalizes on knowledge, essential in a country undergoing transformation.

TRF allows as well City Mart to share its data with suppliers in order to build sustainable relashionships in a concret collaboration project. 



The TRF Retail solution is the app we need to adapt our assortment,  have a good product display, ajust stocks according to the demand, reduce out-of stocks and identify data errors in our stores despite all the efforts made(...).