How TRF can help me

  • Better commercial offer
    • Controls automtically the detention of products in the Theoretical versus real assortment  
    • Does analyses per category to identify assortment opportunites  
    • Does an automatised benchmark with competition
    • Publishes analyses and alerts concerning promotion
    • Detects Units of need to target
  • Sales boost
    • Anticipates out of stocks
    • Controls promotion
    • Follows-up product detention
    • Offers to ajust assortments 
    • Does an automatic benchmark
    • Visualizes strong and inadecuate offers by price range 
  • Better negotiation process
    • Identical data-sharing between retailers and suppliers so no gap in terms of data                                              
    • Systematic analyses of the categories to identify opportunities 
    • Negotiation file edited in a PPTx format you can easily personnalised
    • Follow-up of the execution of the negotiated points (Delivery note supervision, current price management, innovation and promotion process, discount price and rebate scheme control)
  • Reduction of prep time for negociation
    • Negotiation file edited automatically in a personalised PPTx format
  • Out of stock reduction
    • Identifies out of stocks automatically
    • Corrects causes sustainably
    • Follows -up the execution of decisions
    • Measures the results
  • Overstock reduction
    • Contributes to optimise the supplier cash-flow 
    • Identifies automatically overstocks depending on costs 
    • Corrects the causes sustainaibly 
    • Follows-up the execution of decisions

How we make the difference

    TRF Retail                                                                                                                         

    • Generates a diagnosis in accordance to KPI results
    • Follows a step-by-step process and suggests you efficient actions to perform
    • Evaluates each operation's profitability 
    • Prioritises automatically the best profitable actions
    • Completes all ERP & B.I. tools: SAP – ORACLE – Microsoft – JDA – Meti – Home Made...

What are the results?

    ##-## 23% out of stocks

    ##+## 1% revenue (adequacy offer/demand)

    ##-## 17% markdowns

    ##-## 90% products not compulsory

    ##+## Effective collaboration with Category Management

    ##+## Fruitful collaboration in terms of negotiation

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