Monday. 06:30 am. You put on a pair of trousers, grab some breakfast and go to work.
Ahead of you, a meeting with one of your TOP 100 suppliers and as usual, you always leave it to the last minute. Of course, you have no idea of what kind of fact-based arguments you can use to leave your target audience completely stunned. Luckily, TRF Retail has done the work for you and has prepared a complete fact-based negotiation dossier with targets to achieve and different eventual scenario. 
Anyway, as the hero of the hour, TRF gets you back on track with these 5 main recommendations:
1) Practice a sport activity (walking the dog, running...) before going to work
2) Eat five portions of fruits and veg a day
3) Sneak in a smile and keep your head up 
4) Think positive and have a super mantra to brighten your day
5) Improve your performance using TRF Retail
We are here to help you overperform your targerts!