Why trust TRF?

  • 24/7
    • The service is available 24/7
  • SaaS structure
    • TRF Retail is a subscription-based software available in SaaS mode
  • Regular update
    • TRF Retail is updated regularly. You will receive a keynote each time to explain you the eventual changes, our team taking on technical aspects
  • Ergonomics rethought
    • Simple ergonomics enables your partners to be action-oriented and spend less time on analysing data


  • Large amounts of data
    • Scalable technoloogy architecture
    • Permanent investment in research and development 
    • Optimised database
  • Constant innovation
    • Our R&D teams are at your disposal to study your requests and keep looking for innovative solutions
  • IP : 100% TRF
    • All the R&D is done by our in-house teams. TRF owns all the intellectual property related to results from the researches and developments made
  • Collaborative software
    • From the beginning, the collaborative approach was key in the conception of TRF Retail
  • High level of security

    Regular audit:

    • by an independent body
    • on the client's request


  • Unlimited users
    • You can create as many user profiles as you need
  • Setup < 40 days
    • In 2 months the solution is ready to use and the company can take advantage of TRF's real added value
  • One software version
    • All our clients use one unique software version (updated regularly), which enables TRF Retail to capitalise on everyone's knowledge

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