How TRF can help me

  • Better commercial offer
    • Controls automatically the good execution of your business strategy
    • Corrects durably structural breaks
    • Analyses by category in order to identify product ranges' opportunities (products to add, removal of unselling ones)
    • Does a benchmark automatically with the competition 
    • Makes a promotion analysis and creates alerts
    • Checks the adequacy of your price positioning with the distribution area
    • Does an automatized clustering based on the benchmark of TRF
    • Follows -up the good execution of the strategy to its best level in terms of categories
  • Margin increase
    • Ensures the good execution of the pricing policy (automatized alerts on predifined criteria)
    • Checks the coherence between types of brands (private label, premium, national brands)
    • Does a benchmarking : identification of strong or inadecuate offer by price range
    • Analyses and follows-up pilferages and stock markdowns
    • Anticipates the promotion of products which are not part of the salesplan
  • Increase in meter-square profitability
    • Calculation and recommendation of profitable actions based on the diagnosis
    • Possibility to integrate other costs outside merchandises
    • D+5 analysis
  • Sales boost
    • Issues alerts automatically to identify out-of-stocks on fast-selling products
    • Does an analysis by category to identify automatically possible product range to make (add new products or remove unselling ones)
    • Generates an automatized benchmark with the competition
    • Makes an analysis and alerts for promotion
    • Checks your price positioning is in adequacy with the distribution area
  • Better negotiation process
    • Categories and suppliers are analysed automatically to identify opportunities and have an overview of the supplier positioning versus competitors
    • Negotiation file edited in a PPTx format you can easily personnalised
    • Help in establishing negiotiation objectives to achieve
    • Follow-up of the execution of the negotiated points (Delivery note supervision, current price management, innovation and promotion process, discount price and rebate scheme control).
    • TRF Methodology to support buyers in finding a better process in negotiation such as the preparation et the establishment /formulation of the objectives to achieve
  • Better control of retail distribution
    • The performance of each produt is evaluated; we have a benchmark of all products in every category
    • A recommendation list is published automatically - store/article or category/cluster depending on your management
    • A clustering based on the benchmark of TRF is generated automatically
    • Follow-up of the good execution of the strategy to its best level in terms of category
  • Management and pilotage
    • Managers focus on execution and follow-up while teams concentrate on profitable actions
    • Complete diagnosis of products, categories, suppliers in all stores
    • Pilotage by financial gains which enables to prioritise profitable activities according to major aims to achieve
    • Possibility to follow-up the execution of recommendations
    • Clear, simple, action oriented communication between main office and stores
    • Analysis of methods inherent to each job to diagnose points to improve
    • Capitalization on good practices and knowwledge
  • Reduction of prep time for negociation
    • Negotiation file edited automatically in a personalised PPTx format
  • Out of stock reduction
    • Identifies out of stocks automatically
    • Corrects causes sustainably
    • Follows -up the execution of decisions
    • Measures the results
  • Overstock reduction
    • Identification of overstocks depending on their costs
    • Identification of causes to correct them sustainably
    • Automatic recommandations of disposal
    • Follow-up the execution of decisions


How we make the difference

    TRF Retail:  

    • Publishes a recommendation list,  not just calculating loads of KPI to make a decision 
    • Follows a step-by-step process and suggests you efficient actions to perform
    • Evaluates each operation's profitability 
    • Prioritises automatically the best profitable actions
    • Completes all ERP & B.I. tools: SAP – ORACLE – Microsoft – JDA – Meti – Home Made...

What are the results?

    ##-## 20% stock value

    ##+## 1% revenue (adequacy offer/demand)

    ##-## 40% markdowns
    ##-## 25% CatMans' workload 

    ##-## 40% Buyer Assistants' workload 

    For retailers, the non-quality of execution represents 10% to 12% of their revenue. TRF helps you to reduce this hidden cost.

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