To maximize your product assortments and your business offer, to control the distribution of accuracy, to satisfy and to retain customers, TRFRetail is a major innovation dedicated to Retail Trading to:

  • Improve business performance by optimizing the assortments of each store;
  • Turn non-productive stock into productive stock;
  • Convert non-productive linear to productive linear;
  • Decrease outages;
  • Reduce Inventory;
  • Increase Turnover.

TRFRetail maximizes your profitability with a monitoring based on earnings.

TRFRetail periodically measure your results and generates organized alerts thus creating a cycle of continuous improvement.

TRFRetail creates synergy between the operational teams and Head Office players and helps you to capitalize expertise.

Semeynaya Kopilka chooses TRF solution

Our Russian client Semeynaya Kopilka does an extensive work to measure the perrformance of its products in relation to the actual space occupied in each store. The customization of the assortment in each of the 45 supermarkets has achieved profitability per square meter unmatched in Russia.

Carrefour Brazil reduces inventory and optimizes its commercial offer.

To complete successfully the major Carrefour Brazil project and deploy our solution within 156 hypermarkets in three months, we formed a team with the best experts from merchandising to bring business expertise. TRF helps Carrefour to optimize profitability by transforming non-productive stock to productive stock and offer the best commercial offer to its customers

Migros optimizes its commercial offer

Migros decided to question certain purchasing and supplier negotiations principles in view of analysis produced by our solution. The intimate link between purchases and sales was exploited.